Antivirus Testing

Deep diagnostics of errors allows sufficient reducing of time to fix them.

Goal of the service — increase the quality of an antivirus product. This achieved by high-quality engineering support and testing.


  1. Collection of new in-the-wild malicious programs in order to generate test sets for an antivirus component.
  2. Tests for antivirus ability to cure infected system.
  3. Creating real and virtual test environments.
  4. Detecting problems with errors in curing, gathering trace logs and crash dumps, creating test cases to reproduce the problem.
  5. Analysis of causes of faults.
  6. Creating test reports, including: test environment and configuration, steps to reproduce the problem, notes on how should the product behave in such situation.

Components under test

  • antivirus self-protection
  • removal of malicious programs
  • proactive defense
  • file scanner

Special skills

  • working with virtual machines: VMWare, Virtual Box, Virtual PC with operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 bit;
  • test infrastructure automation, malicious programs activation in the virtual environment;
  • memory dumps, low-level debug with WinDBG;
  • 6 years’ experience in malware reverse engineering as well as operating system components;


  • White box testing
  • Black box testing (against a specification and requirements)
  • Installation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Stress testing
  • Configuration testing (for different operating systems)

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