Our company participates in education process as well as in research and development activity. We feel responsibility for sharing the knowledge in defending process against the malware. That is why, members of our Lab present master-classes and lectures for students of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics in area of Information Security and Virus Analisys.

Thanks to the professor Vladimir Hahanov, dean of Computer Engineering Faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, twice a week our analysts give lectures to the students of «Elite Teaching Club» headed by professor. The lectures consist of theoretical information about malware based on Kaspersky Lab Educational Course «Viruses And the Ways of Struggling Against Them».

Also they include special trainings meant for rising the level of security consciousness. After attending our studies the students know more about information threats and the ways of protection against malware and hacker atacks. This allows to educate the feeling of awareness in their minds and to bring up mature specialists in Information Security.

Video Tutorials

We invest our time in Internet security education. We create online articles, manuals, malware descriptions, and video tutorials as well. If you are interested, please request additional information via email:

We put the video tutorials on a dedicated YouTube's channel:

Check out the sample video "Conficker/Kido Worm Removal" below. Covered topics are:

  • How does Conficker/Kido worm install itself into the system?
  • What is the payload?
  • How to remove the worm using free tools?
  • Patching operation system to prevent reinfection.
  • Looking for additional information on Conficker/Kido worm.

However, we create these tutorials for people looking for some solutions to their problems related to Internet security. If you would like to help us you can suggest a topic. Maybe, exactly a solution to your problem will be covered in future video tutorials. Feel free to contact us at


The list of available trainings and lectures is given below:

  • Analysis and description of software's object code
  • Software audit, malicious code search, hidden functionality search
  • Object code debugging without high-level language sources
  • Malware Creation History
  • The Ways of Infection
  • Malware Classification
  • Phishing
  • Anti-Virus Systems
  • Banking
  • Gateway Protection
  • Modern trends in AV systems
  • Viruses for Mobile Systems
  • E-Mail System Protection
  • Online Games
  • Servers and Workstations Protection
  • Methods of Malware Reversing
  • Exploits Anatomy
  • Botnets
  • Next-Generation Anti-Virus Technologies

Partnership with Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab (Moscow, Russia) is the strategic partner of Design and Test Lab. In collaboration with our russian colleagues we prepare online articles for "Anti-virus school" websites (available in Russian:, in English:, and in Polish: These web-sites are specially created to spread Internet security and awareness knowledge within young people. Topics covered are: malware, spam, security incidents, analysis tools. We invite you and your friends to join us in interesting discussions on these sites!

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