Malware Analysis and Removal

Professional experience: 6 years

Performance: 300 samples processed by reverse engineers per month

Target audience: corporate users, financial institutions, anti-virus users, anti-virus software developers, marketing departments.

Service Summary
Service description Creation of a description for a malware sample. The textual description containts: payload, operation system modifications that have taken place, ways to remove the malware. See examples.
Use case
  1. A client has identified what kind of malware has infected his system. He or she wants to know: what did it do within his system.
  2. The client orders the services.
  3. The client sends the malware's sample.
  4. We create a description to this malware's sample.
  5. We send a report to the client.

Read Case Study: IT Manager in Trouble for more details.

Limitations Only detectable (or potentially detectable) malware sample is subject to this service. We do not reverse engineer legal software or its parts.
Availability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Region Worldwide through the Internet.
Language English, Russian.
Delivery time 48 hours. Guaranteed!
Output Written report with a description on the malware activity. Removal instructions if aplicable. See examples.
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