Online trainings

We offer online trainings for broad range of Internet security topics. With our online trainings you have the benefits:

  • Start right now! Don't wait for the class day
  • Flexible schedule, learn at your convinient time
  • No travel and staying expenses
  • A class with individual trainer, you may stop and ask a question at any time
  • Competitive price
  • Moneyback warranty


Alexander Adamov, M.S., is leading Design and Test Lab’s malware analyst and trainer. With 5 years of experience in malware analysis, Alexander prepares and delivers high-quality trainings on Internet security topics. Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics has selected Alexander as a teacher on Information Security course.

However, preparation of such security course is not an easy task. This course is a result of team work of all our malware analysts. Each team member makes its unique contribution to the various topics of the curriculum.

Course Outline

We propose the general curriculum as shown below. Our goal — to cover basic topics and supply them with practical examples. We suppose that any student would easily apply this knowledge in many situations every day. No previous security experience is required to learn this course.

  • Introduction
    • Basic definitions
    • History and motivation
    • Why malware is created?
    • Malware for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
    • Malware for mobile phones
    • What does malware can and can not?
    • What is an antivirus? How it works? Does it really protect from all threats?
    • Malware lifecycle
    • Malware classification
    • Spam. Phishing
  • Ways of infection
    • Removable devices
    • Peer-to-peer networks. Torrents
    • Web-sites
    • E-mail. Spam
    • Instant messengers
    • Social networks
    • Symptoms of infection
    • First actions if a computer is infected
  • Basic detection tools
    • General principles of detection
    • Typical places where malware puts itself
    • Task Manager (taskmgr.exe)
    • Windows Explorer (explorer.exe)
    • System Registry (regedit.exe)
    • System Configuration (msconfig.exe)
    • List of opened ports (netstat.exe)
    • List of services in Operation System
    • hosts file
    • Processor activity
    • Hard disk drive activity
    • Network activity
    • Failed attempts to enter security vendors' sites
  • Advanced Analysis Tools
    • Autoview
    • Inject Explorer
    • Quark!
  • Online Analysis Tools
    • Online sandboxes
    • Multiscanners
  • Malware Removal
    • Removing a trojan
    • Removing a worm
    • Removing a rootkit
    • Removing Conficker/Kido worm
  • Protecting Yourself from Malware
    • How to identify a phishing site
    • User account with limited permissions
    • Safe Internet browsing
    • Using virtual machines
    • How to identify malicious e-mails and spam

Delivery and Schedule

Trainings are delivered using flexible schedule. It should be aranged in advance with our managers. Trainings are delivered online over the Internet using following tools:

  • Skype
  • Microsoft SharedView
  • Microsoft Live Messenger

Software and hardware requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Broadband Internet connection (at least 1 Mbit/sec)
  • Microphone
  • Speakers or headphones


We provide a 30 days moneyback warranty in the case if you aren't satisfied with the course.


To order the training send an email to

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