Computer and Internet Security Video Tutorials

Design and Test Lab presents a series of video tutorials on Computer and Internet Security. The tutorials are prepared by security experts with 5+ years of experience.

Runtime of the video course is 4 hours 36 minutes.


The topics are arranged in 29 clips shown below.

Computer Threats Terminology9:32
History of Malware20:58
A Motivation for Malware Creation6:00
Modern Trends in Mobile Malware13:49
Are Operating Systems Safe?5:54
Malware Classification28:13
Ways of Infection
Removable Media6:32
Peering Networks5:46
Email. Spam18:02
Social Networks6:58
What To Do if a Computer is Infected?9:30
Code Injection12:29
Detecting Malware
A General Principle of Detecting Malware Infection6:09
Typical Malware Habitats7:03
Task Manager, tasklist, taskkill8:03
The Windows Registry12:19
A List of Opened Ports10:02
A List of Services1:32
The hosts File7:27
Advanced Topics & Case Studies
Stealth Malware (Rootkits)8:00
Online Multiscanner: www.virustotal.com2:39
Online Sandboxes6:58
Diagnosis. Msconfig tool6:09
Removal of a Trojan. The General Case4:55
Safe Browsing14:27

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