123 Ticket Scanner

Check-in people for events like 1-2-3!

Direction: Event management

Business: B2B, B2C

Platforms: iOS, Android

Turn your iPhone, iPod or Android phone into a fully functional ticket scanner to get people into your event faster and avoid delays.

    123 Ticket Scanner allows you to scan barcodes for some events.

    Managers or scanner-men use this app to check-in people on events.

Steps of using

For scanning codes you should have an account at 123 Ticket Scanner.

123 Ticket Scanner will automatically recognize and QR code your camera is pointing at.

To scan a QR code is pretty simple:

1. Open the app

2. Point the camera at the code

You are done!

Thanks to 123 Ticket Scanner you can:

1. Choose your event

2. Get ticket info

3. Check-in your guest

4. Know about person who has a ticket

The app recognises which ticket is already used or not valid.

Design & Development

Every feature was designed and redesigned for few times. But the overall project was defined in few weeks.

This app is suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android platforms. All of these platforms have the same features.


iOS & Android



Linea Pro Scanner

QR Code Scanner



Development Team

Technical director

Vladimir Obrizan

Software engineer

Dmitry Krasylnikov

Ilya Katrenko

Stanislav Serdyuk

UI/UX designer

Maxim Dovgan