Direction: Taxis

Business: B2B, B2C

Platforms: Android, web application



Admin panel

Providing the taxi service in Tanzania. Book the taxi with mobile app and pay for the trip with your mobile account.

For this app we made just a design for:

1. User

2. Driver

3. Administration

Steps of using

If you are a passenger:

1. Detect your location automatically or edit it manually

2. Select a more suitable car for you

3. Choose your payment method

4. Check and accept your ride details

If you are an administrator:

1. Filter trips, know more about drivers, filter passengers

2. Learn statistic of your company via choosing time frame

If you are a driver:

1. Choose and accept the most attractive order

2. Pick up a location (to passenger or to driver)

3. Make sure that you have a right information

4. Begin your trip and keep your eyes on the road

To make the user interface comfortable for eyes for days and nights, it is possible to switch, between two visual interface themes: light and dark.

If you don’t want to get push-notifications or show your car in work — make “Go offline” status.

Design & Development

Everything was drawn by hands and then made optimal screens

Development Team

Technical director

Dmitry Krasilnikov

UX/UI Designer

Maxim Dovgan