Our goal is to make events run smoother, and to make your life a little more simple. We didn't want to deal with social media, slow loading websites or asking people to download apps. We just wanted to RSVP via text messages. As it turns out, that's what most guests want as well.With RSVPeazy, you don't have to worry about having enough wifi in the building to ask your guests questions. Even Steve Jobs has had this problem, and you don't have to awkwardly ask people to share their views on social media. Text messages just simply work better. RSVP by text has never been so easy!
Customer: Simply Making Sense [SMS], LLC .

RSVPeazy is a company that revolves around making event planning simple.

We are for anyone out there who is planning their event right now, whether it's a wedding, shower, party, convention, concert, or just a small get-together. We are here for you.